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NY Times Best Selling author,

Chris Brogan has created a group for entrepreneurs to take control of their business.

Learn how Chris Brogan built his  business, gained   300,000 Twitter followers and conquered the business world.   

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You are an owner now or you intend to take more ownership of your life, your choices, and your business. But getting the right motivation, keeping focus, and finding the best resources has been a challenge. You feel like you’re reading everything that comes along, but still haven’t really experienced a foundational experience that will help you put this all together. Sound like you?



* Daily brief email messages from Chris Brogan giving you thoughts about your life, your business, and the choices it takes to be a good owner. Almost always with an action step to take.
* Weekly longer messages (sometimes audio and video as well) with some more framing and some more action.
* Monthly live webinars (but recorded for you to see whenever later on) about your challenges as an owner. Your questions answered.
* A private community of other owners like you.


* Ownership starts with you. Lots of talk about personal choice.
* Health and fitness thoughts.
* Your business from the plan up. We’ll reimagine it frequently. Together.
* Action. A lot of why you like me, specifically, is that you say I do a lot. I execute a lot. Let me help you with that.
* How do we grow your wealth? Not your money. Bigger than that.
* Much more. We have a year together. No, really.


* This is not personal one-on-one coaching. I offer that here.
* This is not old blog posts rehashed. It’s all fresh material.
* This is not anything to do with getting rich. It’s all about your wealth.


We’ll build a foundation, a framework, a way to see and act and think through these experiences that shape us as owners. We’ll use a common language. And you’ll connect with a community of common-minded friends and allies, who can help you attain your goals, even as you strive to serve them and help them win.


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